A toddler's life saving story through Medway

10 September 2021

Master Sakthi Bala who was born on 22nd Oct 2019 was brought to Medway Hospital, Kumbakonam on 26 Oct 2019, as he was critically unwell and struggling for life. He was treated in Medway Hospitals at Kumbakonam and he was discharged on 1.11.2019 after recovering well. His parents had prayed to God in the Vinayakar temple in our premises to bless the child for recovery. After much efforts from the team of our experts, the baby was brought back to normal life!

The family along with Master Sakthi Bala visited 'Medway Vinayakar' few days ago to fulfil their vow to the Lord and get His blessings. Medway was glad to host them as they fulfilled their vows to 'Medway Pillaiyar'. We wish Master Sakthi Bala a very happy and healthy life! We at Medway Hospitals are excited to share this story on this auspicious 'Vinayakar Chathurthi'. Dated 10th Sep 2021