Anesthesiologist in chennai

Anesthesiology is the branch of medicine that relieves pain during surgery. The perioperative phase includes before, during, and after any surgical procedure. It is a holistic approach to guiding the patient from the time of surgery, during recovery, and post-discharge. Pain can be in varying intensities - mild, moderate, or severe and could be acute, chronic, or debilitating. The attribute of medicine is pain management and strategies implemented to alleviate pain. Anesthesia is of three groups, which are:

  • General Anaesthesia - a state of controlled unconsciousness. General anesthetic medicine puts the patient to sleep, thus, having no awareness about the surgery or pain.

  • Regional Anaesthesia - a surgical pain management type that numbs large body parts, such as parts below the waist. Majorly used for delivery and labor as an epidural, it allows the mother to push the baby for delivery while she is numb to the pain.

  • Local Anaesthesia is the technique of numbing a body part using a local anesthetic.

At Medway's anaesthesiology department, the doctors take the utmost care with anesthesia. The department includes experienced doctors who review the physician's assessment, discuss the sedation plan with surgeons, interview and examine patients and educate the anesthetic procedure of the patient to their families.

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The moments prior to undergoing a surgical operation can understandably cause stress and anxiety. You might also additionally acquire a mild sedative premedication, along with midazolam (Versed), to assist calm your nerves before you pass into the operating room.
Anesthesiologists are medical doctors, which means they must spend four years of undergraduate studies, four years in medicine, and three or four years in a residency program.

Anesthesiologist in chennai