Leading hospital with multispecialty services

Medway Hospital is a renowned hospital in Chennai, India. It is known for its excellent medical care and facilities. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who provide the best possible treatment to their patients.

The hospital has a modern infrastructure equipped with the latest medical technology. We are committed to providing the highest quality of healthcare for our patients. With a core specialization in diabetology and cardiology, Medway is known for offering high-class treatment with advanced technologies.

A Unified Team Striving For Excellence

Every member of our team plays a crucial role in achieving excellence, and we all endeavor to go the extra mile for our patients. We choose customer-oriented staff through robust recruitment processes, induction, training, and feedback.

Future Plans

Our future plans include the expansion of existing facilities and the addition of more hospitals in tier-2 cities. Great emphasis will be laid upon strictly adhering to our policy of prioritising patients first and maintaining the same quality care at an affordable cost for which we are well-known.

Partner With Us

Whether you are an individual or a corporate, partnering with us makes sense because our passion, compassion, and empathy are in abundance, apart from our expertise in the medical field which ensures a holistic approach in guaranteeing the upliftment of your overall health and wellbeing.