A Ukrainian National's heart journey takes an extraordinary turn at Medway Heart Institute.

18 October 2023

Within the quiet walls of theMedway Heart Institute, the recent journey of a patient who has undergone a complex heart surgery resonates as a tale of resilience and hope. In the sterile, illuminated world of the operating room, their story unfolds, revealing a testament to bravery and the enduring pursuit of life's most precious rhythm. Medway Heart Institute isn't just a centre for cutting-edge medical expertise; it is where hearts rediscover their harmony, and the symphony of life continues to play on.

Mr. N (name is not mentioned to maintain patient's confidentiality), a 65-year old developed a stroke that was affecting his left side functions. Being a Captain of a Cargo ship, he initially thought he could manage with the symptoms. During one of his trips to Chennai, he decided to get himself checked. His routine evaluation took an unexpected turn when he was told he had to undergo a life-saving surgery. His evaluation revealed that his heart functioning was deteriorating and his increased blood pressure had affected his kidneys. This evaluation also showed the probable cause of his stroke – the blood vessels supplying to his brain had complex blocks, along with multiple blocks in his heart and derangement in kidney functions. The solution for this complexity is an open-heart surgery that will also include removing the blocks from the blood vessels reaching the brain.

The team of surgeons atMedway Heart Instituteled byDr. Anbarasu Mohanrajperformed this complex and high-risk surgery at a multi-disciplinary level. With over 5 specialists and other technical experts, the team performed atriple bypass surgerywithcarotid endarterectomy. Considering his recent stroke and vital organ functioning, the safety margin was quite narrow, which the expert team handled exceedingly well. Almost after 8 hours of this procedure, Mr. N responded well, making this surgery a success. He is now on the road to recovery and is expected to fly to his motherland hale and healthy.

This complex surgery is another feather added to Medway Heart Institute's cap. With their second anniversary celebration, they have reached another milestone. Having performed 800 major heart surgeries and 3000 Cath Lab procedures in the last two years, Medway Heart Institute is looking forward to serve more and more in the coming years.

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