Dear Medway Hospital Team

Kind Attn: Dr. T Palaniappan, Managing Director.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Medway Hospital for the excellent care and treatment given to my mother (Patient ID MH2104844) during her recent admission on account of COVID19.

Recently in the month of May ’21, my mother got COVID infection and was initially advised home quarantine in Chennai. However, her blood test results were highly abnormal and she had to be immediately hospitalized. Our family doctor and close relative Dr. Vinitha Padmini Mary recommended to go to Medway Hospitals, Kodambakkam for immediate admission. During those days, there was a lot of scarcity of beds for COVID treatment, but thanks to Dr. T. Palaniappan, whose personal intervention helped us to get admission for COVID treatment. The admission process was smooth and my mother felt safe and welcomed at the hands of the hospital staff.

My Mother(a diabetic patient, aged 64) was given excellent care at COVID ward, she was continuously monitored by duty doctors and nurses round the clock who kept her updated on her condition in a positive way. My mother felt assured and confident of the treatment given to her and it greatly contributed to her fast recovery. Due to her medical condition, she immediately required REMDESVIR drug to bring down the COVID infection. At that time, there was huge scarcity of REMDESVIR and people were standing in long queues in front of Govt. hospitals to purchase the drug. I tried desperately everywhere to buy the drug for my mother but came up short on my efforts. It was at this time, the hospital staff assured my mother that the drug is available with them, and once again many thanks to Dr. Palaniappan, who I believe intervened and made sure that REMDESVIR was administered to my mother at the right time.

My mother spent 5 days at COVID ward and showed fast recovery due to which she was cleared for discharge. When I approached hospital administration for making the balance payment for discharging my mother, I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed that I need not make any balance payment instead I would be getting a refund of Rs 22000 approx from the hospital!!! I was completely shocked at that juncture and felt very grateful to the hospital management.

Such instances rarely occur, where one is usually habituated to hearing stories of exorbitant fees charged by private hospitals on vulnerable patients and their families. Really Hats Off to the Hospital Management, especially the noble vision of Dr. T. Palaniappan (Managing Director) to provide high quality medical care to every body at affordable rates. While going through the medical bills, I was surprised to see that the REMDESVIR drug was priced very reasonably unlike in other private hospitals where it was costing at Rs 15000 to Rs 30000 per Dose!!.

Once again I salute the hospital management for their values and commitment to provide world class medical care at affordable rates. I express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. T. Palaniappan for admitting my mother during a very critical time of COVID and providing the best possible care and treatment available. I sincerely pray and hope that Dr. T. Palaniappan and Medway Hospitals will reach great heights and will stand out among the rest of private hospitals in providing high quality treatment at affordable rates to everybody.

My mother has fully recovered and leading a healthy life now, thanks to Medway Hospital.

My respect and best wishes to Dr. T . Palaniappan and the entire Medway Hospital Team.

Mr. K************

Dr. Veerakumari, Chennai

One of the best hospitals in Chennai. We were admitted in this hospital in the midnight. Immediately the chief doctor came here and explained the whole treatment protocol in detail and started the treatment immediately. His commitment, counselling, care and affection boosted our confidence to face the ordeal boldly. The entire team Chief doctors, nurses and every one here took much care and created homely atmosphere which alleviated the illness. we will be returning home hale and healthy. My heart felt thanks to the doctors, nurses, Manager, MD and everyone associated with this hospital. God bless these great warriors.

Dr. Ajay babu is so knowledgeable, highly efficient, His Top notch ability ,excellent perception and treatment protocols, planning systematic execution make all patients return home hale and healthy. Above all his commitment, devoted service excellent counselling, treating the patients as his family members love and affection keep us in comfort zone always boost our confidence which is more important to alleviate illness. Dr.Sureshkumar, duty doctors, nurses ,other personnel the entire team is so dedicated taking much care of each and every patient. God bless all the covid warriors abundantly. My heart felt thanks to everyone associated with this hospital.
My thanks the Manager Mr. Senthil who was encouraging and supporting us amidst his tight schedule.
Thank God for coming to this hospital which is giving us new life. God bless.

Dr. Veerakumari,

Jagannathan S

I am Jagannathan S working as Chief Financial Officer, in Schwing Stetter India Private Limited – a multinational Company

I got admitted on the 30th November late night at Medway Hospitals on the basis of reference by one of my selfless well- wisher who is also a medical practitioner and whom I know for last 10 years + and it turned out to be the right time – right reference – right place – at the end of the day.

When I got the call from Mr K Senthil Kumaran General Manager- Marketing – it was such a great feeling where many of my apprehensions as a patient getting into a hospital with obvious tension on hospital atmosphere, White coat syndrome etc; disappeared and he made me so comfortable by his talk and somehow I had an assured feeling that I will be in safe environment. Thanks Senthil for that first level comfort.

As usual, the anxiety on 30th November 2020 and on 12th December 2020 when I got discharged, was at 2 different levels but let me be very open in saying that these 2 weeks made a real difference in many a perspective.

There are only 2 words in English where the alphabet count adds up to 100 – ATTITUDE and DISCIPLINE

I could find these 2 words with almost all the people I came across in the hospital between 30th November 2020 and 12th Dec 2020 – be it Dr Ajay , doctors on duty , para medical staff, staff nurses, ward attenders , housekeeping and maintenance staff

Personally, I am very pleased with the way the as a patient, I was treated with utmost care and dedication.

Every time when Dr Ajay came for rounds, he had created such a positive vibe in the minds and his approach to the patient made him distinct and every time he had created an impression, will he talk for few more minutes so that as a patient you feel more secured and comfortable !!

Counselling by Dr Philemon right through from late night on 30th November 2020 to 12th December 2020 had been phenomenal ad all other duty doctors Dr Nirmala, Dr Poorani had been very passionate towards their profession and patient care.

Need to really mention a few words about the para medical staff and staff nurses who were on duty during that 2 weeks – Subha, Surakshana, Purnima, Narmada, Ilavarasi – their commitment, dedication, attention, attitude, responsiveness, sincerity, positive counselling, systematic monitoring of parameters as per given schedule and their approach towards the patient care – is something made them very different – distinct and they all deserve a special appreciation and as a professional in my opinion, these are all the people to watch out and encouraged with compliments and taken care so that they are preserved for the future.

I might have missed some names in the process – that does not mean that they do not deserve special mention – all the staff attached to third floor of the building deserves special mention and appreciation.

As far as I am concerned, housekeeping / room attenders were really sincere in ensuring that cleanliness is maintained then and there which I thought was very important considering the nature of illness and the treatment given

Of course, there are a few improvement points like tea/ breakfast coming late which really matters to a patient but this can always be addressed – something where it is not in hospital control.

It had been a very good 2 weeks of good patient care and treatment and this is my unique personal experience

Jagannathan S
Chief Financial Officer
Schwing Stetter India Private Limited

Arvind Chari

Let me first and foremost extend my appreciation to all the medical and the administrative staff at Medway Hospitals for providing a very pleasant and satisfactory experience during my mother’s recent admission at the hospital.

My mother had suffered another brain stroke that afternoon, second in the span of 2 weeks and the earlier general hospital near our house was not able to arrange for a neurologist to come and visit her and also due to her earlier history of running slight fever advised us to admit her in a multi-specialty hospital.

The neurologist who had treated her earlier, DR. Ananth, advised us to get her to Medway Hospital at Kodambakkam.

Before we reached Medway, through a contact of our family, we had informed the Medway staff and to our most pleasant surprise, the hospital’s general Manager, Mr Senthil Kumaran and the ICU Doctor, Dr Gajjan, were already waiting for us.

It almost felt like we were being welcomed at a five star hotel, with Senthil and his staff, doing the needful with regards to ensuring that my mother and I did not have COVID like symptoms. At the same time, they made us comfortable and immediately made arrangements for her tests and admission.

Under Dr. Ananth, who consults at Medway, we were well and truly, in good hands. At the same time, the care shown by duty doctors and the nursing staff must also be commended.

The administrative process of admission, billing and medical is also seamless which suggests that process and practices are well adhered to.

I must specially thank Mr Senthil Kumaran, who not only during our brief stay at the hospital but even till today, calls up and checks on mother’s recovery. I have never seen anyone from the hospital admin to do so.

Since we are from Bombay and were looking for ways to get back, Senthil was also helpful in providing us with relevant information for the travel pass and relevant contacts in trying to arrange for some means of transport to travel inter-state during the lockdown.

Overall, I would highly recommend Medway Hospitals. Kudos

Arvind Chari
Quantum Advisors Pvt. Ltd

Jagadeesh Narayanasamy

Best in class 5 star support – This includes all services from the front desk, Xray/CT, ward boys, sweeping nannies who kept room and toilets sanitized several times a day.

Special Mention to All Nursing staffs who were very polite, dedicated, and spot on with their task and never missed to inject or tablet me on time. To be fair I felt like home because of the nursing staffs.

Also Senthil, you deserve special mention here as you were very helpful throughout my stay, and your help and collaborative effort viz upgrading room, insurance, and collaboration is applaudable.

If there are any areas to improve it would be on the part of duty doctors. Experienced floor doctors would be handy and in my cases, if I mention any health-related issues they widely depend on senior doctors to suggest the solution.

Overall I’m very happy and thanks to Medway management for admitting me during critical times amist Covid scare.

Jagadeesh Narayanasamy


First of all thanks to your hospital sir for treating me at this crucial time ie Corona being all over and when none of the hospitals were ready to take inpatient or even ready to hear to us.

The moment we came in there doctors were ready to treat us and we had a good treatment there all the doctors and nurses were very kind and they took good care of me. And a very big thanks to Senthil sir for his timely help and he was with us till we got discharged and helped us in all the ways he could.


Selvakumar Balakrishnan

My father was suffering from Diabetic Wound and it was unhealed for a long time. After having discussed and treated by Dr. T. Palaniappan and in course of time the wound started to come down. Excellent explanation of the course of treatment by the doctor. Will suggest him to all my friends.

Selvakumar Balakrishnan

Mohan Vel

Being a chronic diabetic patient, fighting diabetic for the past 10 years, I was doubtful when I approached Medway Hospital. But on receiving the best treatment from the leading diabetic experts at Medway, my opinion was totally changed and now I lead a healthy life.

Thank you Medway

Mohan Vel

Siva Kumar

Based on my personal experience, i would like to say Medway Hospital happens be the best multi specialty hospital in Chennai. Best treatment, best care make medway hospital No.1 in Chennai.

Siva Kumar

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