Plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery refers to the category of medicine concerning the clinical alteration of the human body by means of restorative and reconstructive invasive procedures in order to uplift external facial features, body shape, and breast size, besides mending damaged tissues from accidental injuries.

The Plastic Surgery Department at Medway Hospital houses sophisticated technology to perform complex surgical protocols with high precision and derive successful outcomes as desired by the patient, taking into consideration their overall status and any underlying health issues. The competent team of plastic surgeons at Medway Hospitals collaborates with neurosurgeons, orthopedic doctors, and oncological surgeons to deliver the best results for every patient.

A vast spectrum of surgeries are performed adroitly by the division, such as:

  • Liposuction Procedures
  • Scar-Less Suture Procedures
  • Complex RTA, i.e., Resveratrol Triacetate Treatment For Hyperpigmentation
  • Finger Amputation
  • Cleft Lip And Palate Repair
  • Reconstructive Surgery After Burns
  • Buttock Lift And Enhanceme

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Some patients notice minor changes in their voice after rhinoplasty, but this is rare. However, professionals who rely on their voice, such as singers, should discuss any concerns with their surgeon, as the nose plays a role in our sound.
The risk involved in every surgical procedure. Find out what they are, how often they occur, and how to handle them when they do occur. If the doctor doesn't openly discuss the risks or admits that there are always risks, get another opinion.
Yes, depending on the procedure, it may be a good idea to sleep in a supine (not horizontal) position for a week after surgery to minimize fluid buildup in the face and eyelids. Follow the instructions given to you for the preparation and administration of cold and hot compresses. These will not only reduce bruising and swelling but will maximize and promote healing.

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