Nephrology is the specialization of adult and pediatric internal medicine concerning the kidneys and their associated functions. Kidneys, the bean-shaped organs, are situated below the rib cage - on either side of the spine. The kidneys secrete waste from the body and ensure smooth blood circulation in the body. When this does not function effectively, it leads to kidney stones, chronic kidney diseases (CKD), and many others disorders.

Comprehensive kidney care and dialysis unit

The Nephrology department at Medway Hospitals has one of the finest nephrologists. It provides varied treatments, including emergency dialysis, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) type dialysis, and infection prevention. Additionally, a certified team is available to investigate and facilitate kidney transplants.

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Signs of kidney disease
  • You are more tired
  • Have less energy
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • You have trouble sleeping.
Symptoms may include blood in the urine or foamy urine, fatigue, high blood pressure, weight loss, ankle swelling due to fluid retention, anemia, nausea, or vomiting. Kidney disease is often silent until the end of the course and after serious damage has occurred.
The common cause of kidney disease is high blood pressure and diabetes. These two diseases can affect any organ in the body. If not well controlled, any of these conditions can lead to kidney failure and dialysis. Other diseases that attack various organs, including the kidney, are lupus, HIV, and viral hepatitis.

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