Precision diagnosis saves a life of a girl child at Medway Heart Institute

10 March 2021

A Press Conference was held at Medway Heart Institute today in connection with one of our milestone procedure done for a 11 year old girl and a badminton player, Ms. Prinitha, who had irregular heart rhythm. After visiting many hospitals, who gave up hope, their parents brought her to Medway Heart Institute and consulted Dr. Jaishankar.

After detailed investigations, Dr. Jaishankar diagnosed her to be having Atrial Flutter (with varying conduction 1:1, 2:1, 3:1) and decided to do a 3D ablation to map the patient's heartrhythm and to find the exact status and possible solution.

The patient thus underwenta detailed Electrophysiology study and Radio frequency Ablation under General Anaesthesia and her heart rate was rectified to get back to normal. The entire treatment done to her has left her with no scars or no pain and she has been cooperative throughout her journey at Medway Heart Institute.

Our Chairman Dr. T. Palaniappan, Dr. Jaishankar and Dr. Anbarasu Mohanraj briefed the media about this recent procedure. Also Prinitha and her parents explained the media about their experience at Medway where the accurate diagnosis and how the timely intervention save their daughter's life, who had 4-5 cardiac arrests before she was treated.

The entire procedure didn't cost them much, which erstwhile would have cost a life and fortune.

Now Prinitha has recovered well and doesn't require any further medication. In fact she is also getting back to her badminton practice again.