Complex Aortic Valvular Surgery in a patient at Medway Heart Institute.

05 June 2022

Mr. Raj (name changed) is a 33 years old private bank employee who developed a Heart ailment six months back with breathlessness affecting his day-to-day activities. He was evaluated in major hospitals across the state and was diagnosed to have a very weak heart with heart function deteriorating to less than 25%. His left ventricle which is the main chamber of the heart had swollen to 80 mm whereas the normal size is usually 55 mm. His aortic valve was leaking severely causing all these problems. He was refused surgery in a few centres in the state as the results of surgery for this condition is deemed to be very high risk, especially when the heart size exceeds 70mm.

He was evaluated by the Team lead by Dr. AnbarasuMohanraj at Medway Heart Institute and the team decided to take up the procedure considering his young age and family situation. They performed a high-risk surgery and successfully corrected his condition. Mr. Raj went through the complex procedure and recovered smoothly and was discharged in a healthy condition. Mr. Raj and his family were thankful to the Surgical Team at Medway Heart Institute led by Dr. AnbarasuMohanraj.

Medway Heart Institute is a standalonetertiary cardiac unit excelling in treatment of Heart Ailments and the Institution is fully equipped to treat all complex Heart conditions.

Dr. Palaniappan, Chairman of Medway Hospitals commented that the Heart Institute is geared up to treat all complicated Heart conditions in patients from all walks of life.